"He stared up at the stars and it seemed to him then that they were dancers, stately and graceful, performing a dance almost infinite in its complexity" 

                                                                                           -Neil Gaiman



Sometimes we just want to be dazzled & what could be more perfect than the glittering beauty of Stardust? Gathering inspiration from our love of all things that glimmer in the night sky, let this luxe series leave you starry eyed.


Our solo balloons come with:

  • 3 pieces of tassels in 2 complementary colors or streamers in complementary colors (You decide!)
  • 1 piece of 4" honeycomb ball in a complementary color
  • 1 Gift Tag


[Do you have a specific color in mind for your complementary honeycomb ball/tassels? Leave us your requests under the remarks section and we will do our best to accommodate you!]


If you were thinking of zhuzh-ing up your balloons with our premium selections, please click Here and add to your basket.


**All balloons are helium-inflated unless otherwise stated.

Floating time of balloons are approximately 24 hours. This is also depending on weather conditions/temperature and how balloons are being handled and transported.


We love our environment as much as our balloons, so here’s a few tips:


  • Don’t release our helium balloons into the environment
  • Dispose off your balloons in a safe and practical manner i.e. confetti balloons ( Cut a small hole at the tail end of the balloon to release the air slowly as opposed to popping them with a sharp object causing confetti to explode all over you and your surroundings!)
  • Foil balloons can be reused! (Just release the air with a straw)



  • Please note: All orders require a minimum lead time of 3 days. 
    Do contact us via WhatsApp should you have an urgent order.

    Delivery: Our Delivery fee is $15. Kindly let us know the Delivery Date & Time Slot under “Schedule Date & Time” before you Check out should you opt for Delivery and we will contact you within 24hrs to confirm the details.

    Self-Collection: There is no charge for self-collection.** Kindly state your Collection Date & Time for Self-Collection under “Schedule Date & Time” before you Check out and we will contact you within 24hrs to confirm the details.

    Please read our Delivery Policy for further information.