This Bouquet includes

  • 1 X 18" Peacock balloon in your desired color
  • 4 X 11" latex balloons in the same color family
  • 2 X 18" Foil Balloon in your desired shape in the same color family
  • Custom Text on the Peacock balloon and 1 x Foil Balloon 
  • Streamers in the same color family
  • 1 Gift Tag 


Available in either solid (1 color) or ombre (varying color) designs. [The confetti and latex balloon colors are chosen based on the color of your Peacock balloon.]


If you have a design in mind or specific colors you'd like, let us know in the Remarks section! We are all about letting your creative juices flow!] [Example: 2 x Pearl Lime Green, 2 x Solid Yellow, 2 x Solid Pink]


If you were thinking of zhuzh-ing up your balloons with our premium selections, please click Here and add to your basket.



**All balloons are helium-inflated unless otherwise stated.

Floating time of balloons are approximately 24 hours. This is also depending on weather conditions/temperature and how balloons are being handled and transported.


We love our environment as much as our balloons, so here’s a few tips:


  • Don’t release our helium balloons into the environment
  • Dispose off your balloons in a safe and practical manner i.e. confetti balloons ( Cut a small hole at the tail end of the balloon to release the air slowly as opposed to popping them with a sharp object causing confetti to explode all over you and your surroundings!)
  • Foil balloons can be reused! (Just release the air with a straw)


Peacock Balloon Accent Bouquet with 2 Custom Texts

Foil Balloon Color Options
Font Color