Make a positive change & switch to reusable face masks! Get your hands on our eco-friendly handcrafted masks made from 100% cotton.


Featuring quirky designs, each mask is made of 3 ply breathable cotton and comes with surgical grade elastic loops, which are left untied so that you can adjust it to your desired length.


Made in collaboration with our lovely pals from PANO PANO Singapore! #supportlocal

Llama Mamma

  • To find the size that best fits you, measure length wise from just above the tip of your nose to your chin & the corresponding mask size would be your best fit.

    Please kindly note, all sizes are made to order & will be dispatched within 5-7 working days from order confirmation.

    Kids: Length 12.5cm X Width 11cm

    Small: Length 13.5cm X Width 12cm (best for most adult women)

    Medium: Length 14.5cm X Width 14cm (unisex)

    Large: Length 17cm X Width 15cm (best for adult men